[CLI应用学习]时间使用GitHub CLI

USAGE gh <command> <subcommand> [flags]

CORE COMMANDS issue: Manage issues pr: Manage pull requests repo: Create, clone, fork, and view repositories

ADDITIONAL COMMANDS alias: Create command shortcuts api: Make an authenticated GitHub API request auth: Login, logout, and refresh your authentication completion: Generate shell completion scripts config: Manage configuration for gh gist: Create gists help: Help about any command

FLAGS –help Show help for command –version Show gh version

EXAMPLES $ gh issue create $ gh repo clone cli/cli $ gh pr checkout 321

ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES GITHUB_TOKEN: an authentication token for github.com API requests. Setting this avoids being prompted to authenticate and takes precedence over previously stored credentials.

GITHUB_ENTERPRISE_TOKEN: an authentication token for API requests to GitHub Enterprise.

GH_REPO: specify the GitHub repository in the "[HOST/]OWNER/REPO" format for commands that otherwise operate on a local repository.

GH_HOST: specify the GitHub hostname for commands that would otherwise assume the "github.com" host when not in a context of an existing repository.

GH_EDITOR, GIT_EDITOR, VISUAL, EDITOR (in order of precedence): the editor tool to use for authoring text.

BROWSER: the web browser to use for opening links.

DEBUG: set to any value to enable verbose output to standard error. Include values "api" or "oauth" to print detailed information about HTTP requests or authentication flow.

GLAMOUR_STYLE: the style to use for rendering Markdown. See https://github.com/charmbracelet/glamour#styles

NO_COLOR: avoid printing ANSI escape sequences for color output.

LEARN MORE Use "gh <command> <subcommand> –help" for more information about a command. Read the manual at https://cli.github.com/manual

FEEDBACK Open an issue using “gh issue create -R cli/cli”